LAST UPDATED:    Aug 16th 2014

(New rescues and young males posted please take a look) Please excuse my small mess while I add in store items to one nice clean page be on the look out for sales items!!

Welcome to Raining Rats Rattery and Adoption (Rattery initials RRRA) We are a  Rattery located in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Breeding happy, healthy pets from our home to yours. Specializing in Pearl, and Merle. Roans in Russian Blue and Burmese. American Blue, Down Under and Hairless from time to time. All in both dwarf and standard sizes. With dumbo and standard ears.

Most would compare a rat to a dog if given the chance, of course this dog you need not have to brush, walk, train, or care to all its demands. Rats are VERY easy to care for. They need some cuddles, a clean cage and fresh food (they enjoy everything) and fresh water to be happy. They are VERY social creatures and prefer to live in small groups rather than alone. This is why I rarely will adopt out only one, the exception is that you do in deed already have rattys at home. It is very important you find an educated well known breeder for your new pets. Record keeping is important in breeding. Believe it or not it isn't as simple as throwing just any two together- well in retrospect I guess it can be but, it shouldn't be**

My rats live in Critter Nations Cages. They also have a "Playpen" I built for each group of Rats to come out and play each day. This gives them new surroundings and that extra love, being right in the center of all the family action.  Rat are mostly nocturnal however they tend to follow my schedule more so now that we are routine. Rats are very loyal, intelligent, and have wonderful senses. They may have poor eyesight, but the other senses take over for the blurred vision. Whiskers help them to be able to feel around, which is why you will generally see a wild rat follow a wall. Mine on the other hand run around with not a worry in the world-LOL

Many of my rats know their name when called and will come running. Rats are taught tricks very easily, I have a call I do that my rats know and I have been able to teach them tricks very easy using this noise I make to gather attention. Raining Rats has even had rats in the Denver Zoo Extraordinary Animals show(2006). So fun to watch them display just a few of the wonderful things these terrific creatures can learn, and are happy to perform. I enjoy viewing videos of previous adopters having trained their beautiful babies to do several tricks.

Rats come in a wide range of colors and patterns. They can come in Rex(curly) coat, harley (longer coat), Velveteen(soft rex) as well as standard. They can have big ears called Dumbo, or the standard cute inquisitive ears. Rats can even be found tailless, hairless and dwarfed! I am very partial to the standard eared. Raining Rats Rattery has both standard and dumbo ears. We have dwarfs too!

 We like to focus on only a few colors those being mostly Mink based. Mink, Merle, Cinnamon Pearl, Pearl. Russian Blue a personal favorite of mine. I do have Siamese, hairless,  and American Blue pop up from time to time, as well as tailless. We love splashy Dalmatian rats for patterns, as well as self's(rat that is ONE color). I guess you can say we have the best of both worlds keeping my Dalmatian and Self lines away from each-other in order to not silver my self rats. I work with Rat lines from RAMR (Rattie and Matties Rattery) NNR (Nik Nak Rattery) and Camarattery. I also have a few that I have worked on my self. I will not hesitate to end these new lines if any slight thing shows up wrong with them. Personalities and longevity I believe should be first and foremost. Confirmation, should be second in improvements, and third would be colors and patterns.

Most rat owners share a common bond with other rat owners from the start. Believe it or not there are many rat related clubs, groups, associations and forums where rat owners and breeders from around he world get together to chat, brag and share ideas they have had for their perfect pocket pet. Please visit my favorites down below if interested. I hope you enjoy our site use the navigation bar to navigate and use the drop down menu to view even more information and if you have any questions please feel free to email me.

**A word on Pet Store bought Rats: I do not support Pet shops, that sell rats. These rats are breed in mass to be divided up all over the place to be sold. They are normally sick from stress and awful enclosed cages full of pine bedding. I can't not tell you how many emails I get from someone who has bought 2 ratties from a chain only to bring them home and one to die or get so ill, its put to sleep. Then they come looking for a clean friendly breeder. Its best to do your research and start with a breeder. So please, please please, be discouraged from getting your new rats from a petstore and even worse a back yard breeder, yes these even exist in the ratty world. These are the types that breed feeders, and like to keep the "pretty" ones to make more money from them. Or someone may get random rats and place them together to make babies- these people are normally on Craigslist and with some searching you can find they often are selling snakes and "feeder" rats as well. They keep no records and care not for the rats longevity or health, even if they say they do.**

I do want to also add: I support rescues in full, I even donate to one each month from my rats here. Rescues that are certified are normally wonderful at educating, socializing, quarantine, and finding rats new wonderful homes with added support for the life of the rat like it should be.

-Jessica Wright