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On contrary to popular believe rats make super pets. When correctly socialized they are not aggressive, diseased or dirty. Rats are VERY social and affectionate. They truly generally enjoy their interaction with their humans. Rats are very smart and can learn their names and simple tricks. We pride our selves on caring for our Rats from birth to their senior years. They are first always my personal pet.


Raining Rats Rattery breed’s rats that have extensive pedigrees. I list these pedigrees on my site with my rats for anyone to view. A healthy rat will live 2-4 years, have bright eyes, lack porphyrin (red staining), have clear prolonged respiratory function and have a healthy coat and skin. If a rat I own doesn't fit all of the above they will not be bred. They will stay with us our pet only.  


While temperament and health are #1 always. RRRA breeds some beautiful colors as well as patterns. Some examples we have are, Pearl, Merle, Cinnamon, Russian Blue, American Blue, Burmese. These can come in Roan, Dalmatian, or Self. We have rex, harley and even hairless coats. I adore my dwarf ratties. I may have different verity with in each litter I breed, just depends on genetics.

Located in San Tan Valley: Major cross roads Gantzel X Bella Vista 

Located in San Tan Valley: Major cross roads Gantzel X Bella Vista